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Odoo CMS - a big picture

'' Are you interested in photography? Do you want to take better photos? Then you are exactly right in our photo workshop. To understand how photography works, we have to turn back time. Together we will build a huge Camera Obscura to understand the principle of photography. Then everyone will build their own Camera Obscura and develop the images in the darkroom. You will get to know terms like "aperture" and "time" and work with them. But we also photograph with a digital SLR camera and process the images with Photoshop on the computer. Thematically it is about the self-portrait, the image of ourselves. The "Selfie" has enjoyed an almost unbelievable popularity for some years now and is considered to be the poor means of communication, especially in social media. The wonderful Swiss mountain landscape will be at our disposal as a backdrop to take aesthetic pictures. What does a picture say about me? What can be conveyed in a picture? In addition to technical issues, we will also discuss and debate questions of content in photography. ''

                  OUR TEACHER

                  Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger

                  Jojakim Cortis, born 1978 in Germany, and Adrian Sonderegger, born 1980 in Switzerland, met at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. Both studied photography and their collaboration began during their lessons and continues to this day. Since graduating in 2006, they have worked as freelance photographers and teachers for various art schools. Their photographs have been shown in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad, including at the "Images" festival in Vevey (CH), the Museum Folkwang in Essen (D), the Fotostiftung Schweiz (CH) and the C/O Berlin (D), as well as at festivals in France, Poland, Sweden and China. Their book "Double Take", which they published in 2018, was published in English by Thames & Hudson in Great Britain and the USA, in German by Lars Müller Publisher (CH) and in Japanese by Seigensha (JP). 

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