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Odoo CMS - a big picture

'' Impressive mountain scenery, wide skies, magical light: Is there a better way to shoot a great movie? The alpine landscape is full of secrets waiting to be discovered with the camera. Gorges, streams, meadows, forests and rocks are interesting locations for a story. A mysterious boarding school in the middle of the landscape offers another great setting. The participants will develop short adventure stories, landscape and animal movies, dance and music videos, nature documentaries or comedies. For this, we will work in groups. After discussing ideas and writing a script, you will go location hunting in the nature or inside the building of the boarding school. You will be instructed how to use camera and sound technology, as you will operate the devices. You will experience the excitement of working behind or in front of the camera and learn how to transform footage into a movie the the editing process. At the end of the two weeks, the movies will be presented to all participants in a screening event. ''

                  OUR TEACHER

                  Thomas Isler

                  The workshop is taught by film maker Thomas Isler, a father of two children. He has been making films for 20 years and is experienced in working with children and young people. He knows how to guide and motivate them, helping with technical problems and providing a safe environment to work in. And, most of all, he will make sure everyone enjoys themselves and has a lot of fun.

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