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Christoph Holliger  

Member Board of Directors

After his PhD in physics at ETH Zürich and studies in biomedicine at Stanford University, Christoph Holliger has worked in academia as a researcher and teacher for three decades. Based on his criticism of traditional educational models and on his belief in transdisciplinary co-operation, he established an international consortium of universities in which students and faculty members work together across disciplinary and cultural boundaries on real-world tasks originating from industry or corporate partners. Aside from his passion at the universities, he works as a consultant for government agencies in Switzerland as well as in developing countries like Indonesia, Bolivia, Mexico and Poland. Christoph also is the founding director of artec design, a company that is engaged in the design of art in public space. Privately, Christoph is a family doyen of six children and eight grand-children. He enjoys being in nature, in particular by hiking with his wife in the loved mountains.

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