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Collaborative design approach

Our work takes place in the intersection of design, technological and socio-economical developments. There are three areas we find ourselves solving our customers’ challenges most often:

1— Insight and foresight by design-research: The extensive experience, the integration of trans-disciplinary points of view, and the people-inspired design perspectives help us to understand what spaces are needed for now and beyond.

2— Space oriented development strategies: All of our work aims at concrete products and services.

3— Integrative architectural design and urban development: We have the experience and skills to take architectural design and urban planning effectively from insight to impact with our wide range of excellent partners. 


New models of cultural development and production

We co-operate to raise cultural awareness by programming public formats from festivals to exhibitions, public talks, and lectures with the related curating and artistic direction. We are a platform for artistic production and presentation, for the visibility of artistic research and educational initiatives. 

We operate cultural spaces and their related infrastructures, open to diverse groups of artists, creators and programmers, and to various institutional bodies. 


Immersive & Student-Centered Learning

Boötes offers innovative educational programs with a focus on Arts & Design. We work together with world-class higher education institutions to provide deep learning in specific fields of arts & design.

Nomadic Workshops with transformative learning opportunities for senior designers and executives to acquire cutting-edge knowledge, competencies and innovative insights to drive change and performance in their organizations.   

Master Programs in the field of Arts & Social Transformation. Arts education as a creative and research-oriented laboratory, recognizing specific cultural backgrounds, using the location as its base to seek dialogues that link academia and the professional world, theory and practice.   


We co-operate because we love what we do and whom we do it with.